Payment Method

Below are methods of payment you can choose from:

Payment Channel
Service Providers
Type of Service
Payment Method


Public Bank

Reload PIN only

Savings/Current account

Over the Counter
Anjung Internet JARING (AIJ)
POS Malaysia
Authorized Reseller
All Services
Dial-up only
All Services
Services Varions
Cash/Cheque/Credit Card/Diners
Online Internet Banking JARING SelfCare* 
Public Bank
All Services
All Services
All Services
Reload PIN only
Reload Card, Credit Card (Visa and Master Card), Financial Process Exchange (FPX)
Savings/Current accounts
Savings/Current accounts
Savings/Current accounts
By Post JARING Communications Sdn Bhd
Technology Park Malaysia
57000 Kuala Lumpur
ALL Services Cheque


  1. Payment made via JARING Self Care is updated within one (1) working day.
  2. Payment through online Banking is updated within two(2) working days.
  3. Payment through bank counter is updated as follow:
    • Cash - within two (2) working days.
    • Cheque - within three (3) working days.
  4. Payment made via POS Malaysia will be updated within 5 working days.
  5. Payments by Cheques, postal/money order or bank draft should be made payable to "JARING Communications Sdn Bhd".
    At the back of your Cheques or postal/money order or bank draft please provide the following information:
    • Name
    • Customer ID
    • Contact number
    • Type of service
  6. For further information on how to make payment, please refer to JARING website (
  7. List of JARING Authorised Reseller is available at JARING website.
  8. Reward points can be earned if online payment made through JARING SelfCare or at AIJ.


  1. * To Flite Wireless subscribers only.
    If your Flite Wireless account is suspended, please be advised that only Reload Card and Non 3D Credit Card may be used to make online payment at JARING Self Care.
  2. Please DO NOT make payment to JARING services via InterBank GIRO (IBG)
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